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Conservative. Focused. Committed

Over the past four years, House Republicans proposed and implemented bold reforms to address multiple issues important to Alabamians. Now in the last quadrennium (or quadrennial?) of leadership, House Republicans are protecting taxpayers, empowering education, and creating job opportunities. These conservative ideas are creating a better Alabama.


The Speaker of the House role leads the House of Representatives. Representative Mac McCutcheon (R- Monrovia) is in his second term as Speaker of the House of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Majority Leader is the other elected positon voted on by the majority (Republicans). Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter (R- Rainsville) was selected by his peers to serve in this role, which is tasked with leading the 72 Republican Caucus members.

Caucus Structure

Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter serves as the head of the Alabama House Republican Caucus at the direction of the Speaker of the House, Mac McCutcheon. Working together, the 72-members debate, discuss, develop, and become educated on public policy matters important to the legislative process, including legislation pending before the Alabama House of Representatives.

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